Big Brother Is Back! #bb19 #bigbrother


The 19th season of this summer tradition has begun and a whole new set of house guests have checked into the Big Brother house with the theme of temptation. For the next 3 months or so I will be held hostage 3 days a week to see the drama unfold. One thing about Big Brother is you do not assume anything so we shall see what happens.

When Celebrities Tweet Back – Thanks @BrianDietzen #NCIS

I love it when celebrities Tweet back. This happened tonight when I Tweeted to Brian Dietzen of the long-running CBS drama NCIS.


When this happens it means they genuinely care about their audience and those who are invested int heir show. Good stuff.

How many people have ended friendships over the election? – CBS News

Seven percent of voters have lost or ended a friendship as a result of this year’s presidential race, according to a new Monmouth University survey…via How many people have ended friendships over the election? – CBS News

Personally I can say I have had some strained friendships and perhaps some relationships that will never be the same because of this presidential election here in the USA. Politics is personal. There are two things you don’t talk about, religion and politics (and sports in some places) in polite company anyway. After November the nation will take time to heal after this brutal cycle. Let’s hope we can all have a cold one after all this is said and done. Reconciliation will be hard but it’s worth doing.

NFL Live – 2016 Super Bowl 50, Watch Online For Free, Live Stream –

If you can’t be near a TV but have a great Internet connection you too can watch Super Bowl 50 for free online. I think the bigger the screen the better. Click the link below fore more information.

Source: NFL Live – 2016 Super Bowl 50, Watch Online For Free, Live Stream

Too Much TV, So Little Time

Tonight is going to be a busy TV night. It used to be all reruns during the summer and that still holds true in some places but as of late the networks are putting first run shows on during the Summer to keep viewers engaged and watching.

Tonight we have a log jam of some shows we like so we have some decisions to make.

8:00 PM

  • Big Brother 17 on CBS
  • The Astronaut’s Wives Club on ABC

9:00 – 11:00 PM

  • Under The Dome on CBS

10:00 PM

  • Rookie Blue on ABC

We do have a DVR so we can time delay some of this. We enjoy all the shows on Thursday night and we wish some of these shows were a little more spread out.