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Rambling About Dreaming

Dreaming can loosen you from the confines of ones existence to think about possibilities we would have never thought about while awake. We all need to imagine the impossible and think about what could be. God gave us a heart and soul and imagination.

After all dreaming is free.

Amputated Dreaming

Last night I had a dream my leg from below the knee was amputated. It was a strange, unexpected dream that has me bewildered. Dreams like this aren’t always about the event but something symbolic and/or subconscious. My wife assured me its probably something I am struggling with or something like that. I didn’t have a huge supper last night and I slept well so there wasn’t anything that could have upset me overnight. Perhaps I shouldn’t read too much into it. Having both legs is a good thing and makes me appreciate those who have had to have an amputation in their lives. Here’s to sweeter dreams soon.