Rambling About Sharing One’s Views

I don’t expect everyone to agree with me who visits my blog or my social media platforms. However I do hope for respect, dialogue and understanding. Many of us have the freedoms our countries provide to express how we feel and we must be mindful there are those who do not. As a person with those freedoms I will never take them for granted nor will I use them in such a way that is demeaning. Everyone is worthy of grace and love while some in the public eye deserve some constructive criticism. It is my hope that despite our differences we can remain friends and friendly.

Just so you know my beliefs, blogging and politics are left-leaning but a good deal of the time I tend to be a moderate. Just so you know what to expect here.

If you find what I have to say as being something you cannot accept, I do understand. For those who chose to hang around I want to say thank you for your time when you visit here. I do appreciate it.

On Point

It’s interesting how much online the expression “on point” is used to describe how good something is. People work hard to be their best and to look their best and the term is used in a good manner. Having someone say you are on point is indeed a compliment, one hopes. So my friends may we all strive to be so excellent that we are on point about something good.

Deleting Your Blog, It Solves Nothing

A blog is a tool for expression, a way to share your feelings. I find it very therapeutic and recreational. For many their blog has become their voice when they have something to say.

Deleting your blog really solves nothing. The problem with deleting is that an important part of your life goes away. On a platform like WordPress where there are millions of other voices you have to be picky in who you listen to and how you relate to those people. Not everyone will be sensitive and caring online. I have discovered its best to restart and be selective to who you want to connect with.

I still very much believe in being original, myself and to say what I have to say myself. So with that being said I want others who do the same.

So to all those considering deleting your blogs, think again, resist that. Your blog can be your friend.