What I Want To Be True: A Commentary

YouTube is a great place on the web but like anything you see on the Web you have to take with a grain of salt. In this time of pandemic you have to do your research and not let a video tell you something that might require more information. What we want to be true might not be what is factual. Be wary my friends. Accuracy is the difference in life and death these days.

Something About Facts


In the 1960’s TV show “Dragnet” Sgt. Joe Friday dealt in facts when solving crimes. That is where “just the facts ma’am” originated. You have to have facts so that justice can prevail. Without facts you risk chaos, injustice and worse. It’s OK to have perspective and opinion but when it comes to things that can impact someones life and the lives of others facts should be the only thing that matters. There is very little room for alternative facts when it comes to really important stuff. Your mother would probably punish you for using alternative facts so as an adult those things don’t carry much weight.