Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

To my dear friends in Canada I wish you a great Thanksgiving Day whether you are celebrating on Sunday or Monday. May your plates be full, and your hearts warmed in this time. It’s a different holiday this year but the wishes of togetherness with family and friends is eternal. Be well and safe. Grace and peace to you all from Nova Scotia to British Columbia and all the places in between.

Thought Of The Day

As life goes on things change. Family changes too. We aren’t the same as time goes by. I am realizing that as we get older you will face all sorts of things that will challenge you and you don’t feel good all the time. It means you have to rely upon one another more than ever. Really means a lot when you have the spiritual support from friends in the wings.

Something About Family

I am a believer in family. Sometimes a family is not always what has been considered traditional, you know the husband and wife with 2.5 kids, the nuclear family that has been so sought after in the past. We live in a time when family is sometimes chosen, adopted and same gender. Several couples I know fit the non-traditional family unit and without doubt there is love and connection there. I can say that those good people I know are blessed to have each other.

A family can be a couple, a couple with kids, a couple with fur kids or a group of friends who have a serious bond with one another. In my mind it’s all good. Family can keep you sane and it can keep you accountable. Not everyone has a family unit they can fully rely on so they need support from friends and others to help keep them going.

You know its great when you have that support and that affection and those couples have it. One specific couple is going through some things today and it looks like one spouse will be on the mend after some serious surgery. It is good that they had the right to marry so they could be secure in making decisions for one another in case of impairment plus health care and spousal rights.

So, no matter what the family looks like its theirs and it is very unique and its special. Family is something that matters and will carry our world and its communities forward. Celebrate the family no matter what it might look like because we need more love in the world.

Something About Family

Originally posted on Facebook two years ago.

In life sometimes the only thing that truly matters is the people you love. Your family by birth or by choice are there to help give you identity and to sustain you and to give you belonging. It’s those people that help you make lasting memories both good and bad. No matter what be sure that you love those people and live together in a peace that knows no bounds. God, the universe, circumstances gave you those connections and community to enhance your life. Treasure the time you have together. Lord have mercy and thank you for giving me such people.