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The Spirit Of America Made Available Worldwide


May the American spirit of freedom and liberty find its way to your native lands. Celebrating our Independence Day is a reminder that not everyone has the freedoms available to them to do amazing things in the world. May freedom and the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness be available to all around the world. I hope there will be people who will work to make their countries the best they can be. Peace to all.

To My Followers Around The World

I thank each of you who are checking this blog out from all around the globe. No matter where you are I appreciate your interest. Thanks for opening my eyes to the place where you call home. Blogging can be a great way to explore the world. We are very much alike and different at the same time. Sharing ideas and cultures is what makes this whole thing special. I hope that free speech will be available to everyone one day. Our ideals say something about us and where we come from influences that.

Keep on blogging my friends and rock the world with your posts.