New Phone, Who Dis? The Google Pixel 2 XL #teampixel #google


I got a new phone yesterday. The Google Pixel 2 XL is a great device and I got an incredible deal on it at Walmart. The reason I chose this instead of the Pixel 3 is the price and is still a big step up from the Pixel XL I have had the past couple of years. When I got my first pixel I anticipated upgrading to this phone anyway and the 3 was a surprise. So my posts will be just as nerdy and pictures will look amazing. Google has it going on with phones these days, all the cool nerds have these.

The New Chromebook


Three years ago I bought my first Chromebook. It has served me well but I needed something with some more power and more up-to-date so This Acer Chromebook 14 is my new daily laptop driver. Its got some good features such as a nice screen, all metal outside and more. I am pleased to have this new gadget working for me now.

Sometimes An Upgrade Isn’t A Upgrade, Just Saying

636042899128040346992097692_Camera-Technology-to-Assist-Your-Property-Inspection-AppI am a Linux user and every few months there is a release of updated operating systems with loads of new things and bug fixes. Like the geek I am I check them out to see how they run and function. I have been testing three versions of the Ubuntu OS and I realize that staying put with what I am running which is Ubuntu Mate 16.04 is what’s best. iPhone users know what I am talking about when a new phone is on the market yearly it seems. Keeping up with technology let alone the Joneses is hard enough.

So sometimes an upgrade isn’t worth the hassle doing something new just because of some shiny new features that might cost one time and money. There must be a really good reason to need to switch to something new/different. So, In my thinking there is nothing wrong with staying put and making the best of what you already have.

I won’t lie I would love the new Google Pixel phone but I gotta pay the one I have off first which will come in November 2018.

So for the time being lets stick and stay. Keep things simpler that way.

Something About Blogging Platforms

A fellow blogger is making the move to WordPress from Google’s Blogger service. The blogger said that lots of people are doing that and that there seemed to be some issues with the function of the platform. In looking at Blogger’s twitter account I discovered that there hasn’t been a new post since May whereas WordPress posted an article on October 21. That isn’t good or is it?

I think what goes on behind the scenes is important when choosing a blogging platform. New features are important as long as they enhance functionality and improve workflow. Sensible changes can improve your experience and when the platform works the way it should you can focus on creating and connecting vs. always doing maintenance.

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Upgrade Your Perceptions – Android


The best update/upgrade to iOS is to get an Android phone. Apple isn’t the only game in town and Google is great at the stuff you need to do online and on your phone. My next phone will be an Android. I am a fan of what I can do with my Chromebook and Android phone. It’s good to think differently. Upgrading your perception can be a good thing.

A Cool Panoramic Picture Of Downtown Chattanooga

I use Google Photos to store my pictures as I take them. They sync when I log on to the web so they are uploaded to the cloud. One of the cool things it does is takes pictures and stitches them together to make a panoramic. I am impressed with this picture, it’s cool.

(Click on the image above to see it in its full beauty.)

Managing Your Browser Bookmarks

Screenshot 2016-09-03 at 12.34.44 PM

Bookmarks have been around for as long as there have been books and websites. These shortcuts to content are important for web users to get to where they need to go quickly. This morning I did some work on adding some frequently used bookmarks to my browser because they were lacking. Accessing content directly from the source can give you more information. I use a Chromebook so my browser is Google Chrome natively. Bookmarks are a living, breathing thing that will be added to and edited over time. Be sure you take advantage of folders to make it faster to get to the sites you want to see and sort them by title too. Also sync your bookmarks to Google so you can access them anywhere you like including your mobile device.