How Are You Doing Good People?

The question, “how are you doing?” is a very loaded one. However its one that needs to be asked. Checking in with your family and friends is a good thing to do. Be prepared for answers that you will get. Caring about the welfare of others can help you deal with your own stuff. Getting stuff out in the open is good for your mental health.

So, my friends, how are you doing? (leave your answer in the comment box below)

The One Month Mark Without #Facebook


One month ago I went on a Facebook fast for personal reasons. It’s been a great experience where I have cleared my head and focused on other areas of expression like my blog. I remain connected on Twitter and Instagram. I don’t regret leaving one bit, but I know a return is in sight sometime in the future. So far so good though and I’ll go back when I am good and ready. Until then, steady on as they say.

Everyday Care For Mental Health #WorldMentalHealthDay #mentalhealth

The best way to help others in their struggles with mental health is to simply ask how they are doing. Listening and being present is a great way to be there when things are tough. Best of all it doesn’t cost you anything other than a little time and maybe a cup of coffee. If you see someone struggling, say something and let them know they are never going to be alone. If you are struggling ask for help. It might be hard but its worth it.