Thoughts About The Late Chadwick Boseman

Last night on ABC television in the USA they aired the movie “Black Panther” commercial free and presented a special on the life of its star Chadwick Boseman. I knew what a great actor he was and he played some very iconic people in his short career. The special also gave his “Avengers” co-stars the chance to share how special this man was to them and how “The Avengers” is not perfect without the King of Wakanda.

Chadwick Boseman is a name that sounds like someone with some gravitas and importance. He was a star on the rise. I admire his dedication to his alma mater Howard University where he gave a commencement address a couple years ago.

He could have earned an Academy Award at some point if he had the opportunity because he was just that talented and gifted.

What struck me is how important his role in society was especially when it came to inspiring people of color. You know I would love to see more roles in movies and TV like that. It’s important to have entertainment reflect life in general. People of color need to be able to share their stories and have representation in all of life. Nothing should stand in the way of that effort. He inspired people and laid the groundwork for the stars of tomorrow.

It’s the 21st century and its time for the colors of life to be shown to the world where everyone has a chance to have their stories told and to have heroes that look like them.

To My Friends Of Color

To all my friends of color, I stand with you. Your lives make mine better. Our hearts make the world better. Please know what has happened is sad and sickening. I am hoping for better days for all of us and most importantly that you will not have to fear for your lives anymore sooner rather than later. I’ll do what I can to support you.

Love, Me.

Different Colors Living Together

I believe a problem with the ability to relate to people of color comes from a place of not living with people of color in the same neighborhoods, attending the same places of worship and attending the same schools. People will choose where they live based upon the perception of quality and that often means some sort of economic and to a degree cultural segregation. On Sundays there is segregation in houses of worship mostly because of cultural reasons. I think the ability to relate to someone is living in common community and to think of each other as peers. Walking in someones shoes sometimes requires walking where they live.

If we chose to live in real community it would look like a rainbow with some shades of gray. Living together means living together in all parts of life. Sympathy and empathy are powerful things and you get that through experience and the willingness to do something new. I hope I made sense here.

The Color Of A Hero

I don’t understand why it’s always a pretty white gal and guy who are in the movie to save the day? To me it seems like diversity is a strength and there are many capable actors and actresses of color who can be the super hero. It really doesn’t send a good message when its all about the brave and the beautiful. Can the brave be average looking? Is there a rule that the hero has to be a hunk or the heroine supposed to be hot? Also do the heroes have to be always slender, like they might need to eat a sandwich or something.

I really don’t mean to be judgemental like I mentioned in my previous post but this is a real world problem that spills out into the cinema and on TV. We could say it’s the writers who make this happen but just think if Harry Potter was of Asian heritage or if Katniss Everdeen were African American. Maybe there needs to be a change in how the world is looked at. Heroes come in all packages and shapes and colors. It’s kind of how we were made. Just saying.