Keep Swimming at Work

Work is one of those things that challenge you. It’s been my experience that you will have more productive days than others. When you have a daily quota that means working to meet or exceed whatever number that might be. There have been more days than not that I have overperformed.

Now there are times when you can’t just get there. Everyone has an off day but keeping your cool is important. Granted I have been frustrated because of the circumstances of the day but I try to keep going. As the movie “Finding Nemo” says just keep swimming. There is wisdom in that.

Just keep swimming and eventually, you will find your way to where you need to be, hopefully.

Desktop Chaos

I am a minimalist when it comes to my computer desktop. There are no icons on it other than those on the lower taskbar on Windows 10. The desktop depicted on the right in the above illustration would drive me nuts and I don’t know how people find things with it that chaotic. To me in this situation less is more.


It’s interesting that when you are productive you have more energy to be even more productive or so it seems. There are a lot of factors that go into having a productive day such as rest, organization and hard work.

When its a slow day things drag along and it drives one crazy. There is something to building on ones success and it makes it easier to get things done. However there are days where you have to just keep on going no matter what. I do enjoy the easy days but the challenging days build character and help you endure long-term.