Changed My Linux Distro Again, Welcome Back to #Xubuntu


Inspired by fellow blogger Robin I have switched my Linux distribution back to Xubuntu 18.04 from Ubuntu 19.04. This is due in part to Ubuntu not wanting to load properly. Xubuntu also uses fewer system resources and is very customizable without a lot of tweaking. I added a few apps for audio, photo management, photo editing, a calendar that syncs with Google and a few other things. I can always add more things as I need it too. Like Robin said its like coming home to a familiar neighborhood.

Blog Famous

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Yeah, one day I would like to be blog famous. A well-known and respected personal blogger with a unique way of looking at the world. Some of this stuff has happened already but you know lets make it even more awesome. I feel like sharing my world far and wide. A boy can dream eh?

American Politics From A Canadian (Or Any Other Countries) Perspective #vote2016


My fellow bloggers from other countries are probably shaking their heads and wondering what in he hell is going on there. That makes two of us.

A Truly Random Blog

In the last couple of days I have posted about Lent/Ash Wednesday, Lady Gaga, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and the New Hampshire Primaries. My blog is very interesting at times. I perhaps need to throw in some pro wrestling and perhaps a clever meme or two.

A good blog is a truly random blog. Really its good to throw your readers a curve ball every now and then to give them something unexpected. It helps one get out of a rut if you know what I mean.

Rambling About Random Thoughts

As far as blogging and most things random thoughts are great. They are the best posts I think. I have a lot of random thoughts that make their way to my blog. Never be afraid to be spontaneous as far as posting goes. Some of the best things we can read are inspired thoughts based upon life and the things we encounter daily. That is why I love to blog both on mobile and the desktop because you never know when a random thought can develop into an idea and a post.