Happy Mindful Thanksgiving Canada!

To my friends in Canada celebrating Thanksgiving I wish you a good day of feasting, family and fun. Be mindful of the past but work for reconciliation and change wherever it’s needed. Grace and peace True North. Strong and free, Oh Canada!

Wednesday Wisdom: Resolving An Issue

Resolving conflicts means taking your issues to those who are causing the problem. Sometimes it requires others to get involved to mediate and help facilitate reconciliation. So much of what we see is airing of grievances in the public spaces that it causes a bigger problem than there should be. Resolving issues requires listening, communication, patience. Sometimes it means a separation or an agreement to disagree but that should only come as a last resort. Hopefully all things are done from a place of respect and dignity. What the world needs now is people coming together when possible.

Rambling About Offending

No one likes to be offended. Unintentionally it happens because we are all human. Nice people make mistakes and we feel it when people have been hurt. My goal is to be kind but when necessary rock the boat a little when situations call for it. You can never have a relationship that is conflict free and sometimes words can hurt. So with all that being said being slow to anger and quick to forgive is a good rule of thumb.