Everyone Has Sacred Worth

I believe every person has a sacred worth no matter who they are. God has given people an identity all their own and I respect them for who they are and who they choose to be. Every nationality on Earth brings something special to this global village. If we truly believe that God loves His children He chooses to do so no matter what. It’s not up to anyone to deny that love. Each one of us a is a unique creation that has the potential to do amazing things in this world.

I have friends who are just wanting to love and live without someone saying they can’t. Some are finding new identities that reveal who they are on the inside. This is the true struggle they face as people who want to be who they were born to be. They have sacred worth.

So with that being said I support and respect those who are LGBTQI folks who are living their lives in a very authentic way. No one in my mind has the right to deny them their civil rights or their right to live life on their terms. In America our nation is built on the concept of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and shouldn’t that be extended to every citizen? I think every person should be able to love and live in such a way that we are included and empowered to be a part of the human family without prejudice. Everyone has sacred worth because that is who they are made to be.