Teach Your Children Well

Teaching about the evils of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia and other social ills is very important in these days we live in. For our society to advance you have to peel back the curtain that some would rather keep closed because that means they are complicit in making life hard for others. Without these lessons those who seek to take the country back to a dark place will win. America should be a place for life, liberty and happiness for all. Future generations depend on that promise. Teach our children well because their lives literally depend on it.

Today Is State Primary Election Day In #Tennessee #Vote #Election #GoVoteTN

Today is the state primary election in Tennessee. Several state and local races will be on the ballot including a race for one of the US Senate seats and a bunch of school board races in the county in which I live. Voting is a responsibility and I hope everyone takes it seriously when they can vote no matter where they live. Democracy is a good thing.

National School Walkout For School Safety and Gun Violence March 14th – #enough

walkoutThousands of students and teachers are planning to walk out of their classrooms on Wednesday, March 14 as part of the the #Enough! National School Walkout to raise awareness about issues of school safety and the impact of gun violence. The nationwide march, organized by Women’s March Youth Empower, will happen at 10 a.m. and last 17 minutes.

I fully support this effort to bring awareness to this situation. This is non-violent protest in the spirit of the freedoms these students are exercising as citizens of the USA.

For more information What to Know About the March 14 National School Walkout | Time

The Flu Bug, Impacting Life and Learning #flu

The flu bug has gotten bad where I live. So bad that schools have used some of their built-in snow days and cancelled classes so the children and staff can get better. Everyone loves a day off but this is not the way many wanted it to come about. Several people I work with were scrambling to find child care options for tomorrow as our local school system has also called off school for Friday. I got a flu shot in November. I can’t remember the last time I had it. Those who got the bug are sitting at home trying to get well.


Here’s a graphic that shows the difference between the common cold and the flu. Stay healthy my friends.

Back To The Classroom Students

Students are returning to the classroom these days and its a time of gladness for parents and sadness for young people and college students alike. I remembered the times when we would go shopping for school supplies and clothes. Back in my day (yeah I just said that) we would go back to class at the beginning of September, after Labor Day when it wasn’t so hot. Now kids are going back in the beginning of August which in my mind is crazy. Its very tough in the school house for kids these days because there is more to learn and more to do. There is also a situation where its tough to be yourself and to not conform, just the same as it ever was. Socially its tough because not everyone knows who they are. Bullying is a issue from all generations and its something that needs to be dealt with on all levels.

I am a smart person in many areas while in others I struggle. As a kid I had learning disabilities and was in special education classes. Eventually I caught up and made it through with a lot of help from family and the good Lord above.

Kids are trying to keep up with the demands of the classroom so our country can keep up globally. Homework is piling up on the kids like I never had. Friends its tough to be in school today. The pressures of making it in the classroom are high. Our students need support from family and community to make the grade. Keep the kids of all ages who are back to the classroom now and in the coming days. They need it now and always.

This commercial aired in America by the Staples office supply chain. It welcomed sad kids back to school while parents celebrated the most wonderful time of the year.