All About Time

Time is slow when you want it to be fast. It’s fast when you want it slow. Time doesn’t go by our rules only it’s own. We are all waiting for something that takes its own time. A watch, a clock, a sundial are the keepers of time and we have to abide by. On this day I want time to go by swiftly but tomorrow perhaps not. It is all about time. Time does its own thing and there’s little we can do about it.

My New Dick Tracy Watch From Samsung

dick_tracy_large-560x315For Christmas, Santa Laura got me a Samsung Gear watch that pairs with my Galaxy S5 phone. It has a few useful apps and extends the functions of my phone to my wrist. I am calling it my “Dick Tracy” watch after the comic strip of the same name where the lead character used a really cool watch to communicate. I can take pictures, answer calls, get notifications, use Evernote, Feedly, listen to music and other cool things. I really like it. So I would like to thank Santa Laura for putting it under the tree for me. 20151226_171631

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