A Level Playing Field

Amazing things can happen in a community when there is a level playing field. That means that you and others can go higher and do more things together. On the job its especially important when you want to advance your cause to have everyone working together at full strength.

Rambling About Knowing Stuff

I don’t know everything. Help me know more than I did before. Being informed means acknowledging you are alive and are capable of doing and being more. Being smart is an asset in this world that can help you change the world. Knowing stuff means that you are able to deal with the world around you.

Global Perspective

It’s good to be reminded that the east coast of the United States of America is not the center of the universe. Much happens here but its not the only place where important things happen. It’s good to get perspectives from people from other parts of the world. Blogging is a good example of how connected we are. We do indeed live in a world community. Our globe is made up people from all walks of life in all the great places of creation and I am grateful for that.

Ready For The Future

I am not a doomsday sort of guy but with Yahoo making significant changes to Tumblr I want to be ready for the future. My “shadow” blog will be at WordPress where there seems to be a creative, connected community already in place. They seem to have a solid platform there too. Once again I will be blogging as usual at Tumblr, I am not going anywhere my friends.