Tunes Tuesday – Adele – Set Fire To The Rain

It’s raining here and I would like to set fire to it. Awhile back we had drought now we are good with precipitation. Some snow would be nice but that is for another post.

Flashback Friday – Adele – Rumor Has It #FBF

This is a little newer than I post Flashback Friday videos but this song somehow crawled into my head today. Adele is a world class vocalist who can just flat out sing. She has achieved so much in her short career.

Music Monday – Adele – Rolling In The Deep

We danced to this song at Zumba tonight. Adele is one of the greatest vocalists in the world and she does great music. Her voice is simply amazing and is an instrument in and of itself.

“Hello” Thanskiving from Adele

This skit comes from Saturday Night Live and it features a family at Thanksgiving who are having major disagreements but when the song “Hello” from Adele starts to play they are brought together for their love of the song and starts lip synching it.

Matthew McConaughey and Adele on Saturday Night Live, November 21! Alright, alright, alright! #snl #adele

Alright, alright, alright! Matthew McConaughey and Adele on Saturday Night Live on November 21st! This is going to be huge. Matthew is my dude crush!