MTV 41 Years Old, Wow!

MTV is an American cable channel that launched on August 1, 1981.

The fact it’s been 41 years ago makes me feel a certain way. I’m going to say it was better back in my day when it was about music videos and culture. Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Madonna, Van Halen, Duran Duran, Whitney Houston, Pat Benatar, and so many more influenced the hearts and minds of so many youths.

Happy Birthday, MTV.

Flashback Friday – Adele – Rumor Has It #FBF

This is a little newer than I post Flashback Friday videos but this song somehow crawled into my head today. Adele is a world class vocalist who can just flat out sing. She has achieved so much in her short career.

35 years ago, MTV debuted and video killed the radio star – USA Today

Aug. 1, 1981, might not immediately come to mind as an important date in history, but to a generation of music fans, it was monumental. On that day, 35 years ago, a cable TV channel that played music videos around the clock made its debut.

Source: 35 years ago, MTV debuted and video killed the radio star

I grew up on MTV back when it played music. Much of my youth was spent in front of the TV watching bands like Duran Duran, Van Halen, Asia, Queen, Toto, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Aha, Hall and Oates, Scorpions, Culture Club, Europe and more.

It was where Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince, David Bowie and other artists made a name for themselves to a brand new audience. Without MTV, my teen years would have been very different.

The original “VJ’s” or hosts of the music segments as seen 35 years ago.

The music video was something imaginative, something profound. The notion of bringing a piece of music to life in a visual way wasn’t really new but it was perfected because of MTV and other services.

Nowadays they do reality TV and other non-music related programming. I hear that is changing soon but we shall wait and see. As we said back in the day “I Want My MTV”

#FBF – REO Speedwagon – Take It On The Run #rbfestival

REO Speedwagon is one of the best bands of the 1980’s. They are still touring and they will be in concert tonight at Chattanooga’s Riverbend Festival. I can’t wait to see their show.

Here’s What Keeps Americans From Cutting the Cord — The Motley Fool

Very slowly, Americans are cutting the cord with traditional pay-television providers.It’s not the mass exodus that has been predicted, even though the alternatives to cable and satellite are extensive, convenient, and inexpensive.

Source: Here’s What Keeps Americans From Cutting the Cord — The Motley Fool

For some this is a real choice to paying for both TV and Broadband at the same time. I still prefer to watch shows on a real TV and watching as it comes over the air live. Many folks will get a old school over-the-air antenna to get digital TV channels from their local broadcasters.

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