She Won On Jeopardy and In Life For Others

(From CBS News) Cindy Stowell was battling stage-four colon cancer when she had a six-game “Jeopardy” winning streak, earning over $100,000. She never told her friends of family, wanting them to watch for themselves when the episodes aired.

This is inspirational and heart breaking at the same time. She had a mission and fulfilled it. Her death is a very sad thing but what she did for Cancer research will help others for a long time.

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

tumblr_mu06y1zQQk1ss7eczo1_500During the month of October there is a focus on Breast Cancer and health. Both women and men can be impacted by this dreaded disease. Many people have been impacted in one way or another by this form of cancer.

More than likely you have a family member or a friend who has or has had Breast Cancer. For some the fight was a victory while others have been taken from us tragically. There are stories of everyday people who have been impacted by this disease that have been heroic. My mother-in-law is a survivor because she caught it early. Mary Ellen Locher, a former local TV news anchor here in Chattanooga unfortunately lost her battle but she has a treatment center at a local hospital named in her honor.

Self examination and annual mammograms are important in the fight against this disease. Research is ongoing into a cure for this and other cancers.

For more information on Breast Cancer Awareness visit or the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month website. Help spread the word about this important issue.

A Reflection on President Jimmy Carter

Former US President Jimmy Carter is a great man of faith and action. He was president during some difficult times in my country during the late 1970’s. The legacy of leadership and service he has built is second to none. Mr. Carter teaches Sunday school at his church in Plains, Georgia and has been an active supporter of Habitat For Humanity assisting in the building of many homes for people in need. He has helped broker peace in many countries too. He is a supporter of equality and justice, two things our world needs much of. President Carter is a genuine statesman and humanitarian.

President Carter you and your family have my prayers and good thoughts as you battle cancer. You still have work to do and may God give you many more days ahead.