Changed My Linux Distro Again, Welcome Back to #Xubuntu


Inspired by fellow blogger Robin I have switched my Linux distribution back to Xubuntu 18.04 from Ubuntu 19.04. This is due in part to Ubuntu not wanting to load properly. Xubuntu also uses fewer system resources and is very customizable without a lot of tweaking. I added a few apps for audio, photo management, photo editing, a calendar that syncs with Google and a few other things. I can always add more things as I need it too. Like Robin said its like coming home to a familiar neighborhood.

Sometimes An Upgrade Isn’t A Upgrade, Just Saying

636042899128040346992097692_Camera-Technology-to-Assist-Your-Property-Inspection-AppI am a Linux user and every few months there is a release of updated operating systems with loads of new things and bug fixes. Like the geek I am I check them out to see how they run and function. I have been testing three versions of the Ubuntu OS and I realize that staying put with what I am running which is Ubuntu Mate 16.04 is what’s best. iPhone users know what I am talking about when a new phone is on the market yearly it seems. Keeping up with technology let alone the Joneses is hard enough.

So sometimes an upgrade isn’t worth the hassle doing something new just because of some shiny new features that might cost one time and money. There must be a really good reason to need to switch to something new/different. So, In my thinking there is nothing wrong with staying put and making the best of what you already have.

I won’t lie I would love the new Google Pixel phone but I gotta pay the one I have off first which will come in November 2018.

So for the time being lets stick and stay. Keep things simpler that way.

Yet Another Desktop Linux Setup – Linux Lite 3.2 @linuxlite #linux

A screenshot of my Linux Lite 3.2 Desktop

I have changed Linux desktop OS again. This time it’s a keeper (yeah, I have said that before) but it’s different, believe me.

This is a screenshot of Linux Lite 3.2 which is based upon Ubuntu 16.04. To me doing something that is not the “normal” is a way of life and computing is one of those things. You would be surprised what is running some sort of Linux, UNIX or some other open source software in your house. To me running it on the desktop allows my older PC to keep running and to be like new again.

Linux Lite does that in so many ways because its lighter on system resources and provides a wide range of tools and applications to do everything from blogging, photo organizing, editing, creating documents, listening to music, watching videos and so much more and there are free updates every so often. I am very pleased with how this is working. There will be a lot of content coming from this setup. You can even download the desktop version of WordPress and use it on Linux.

My Latest Linux Desktop – Linux Mint 18 XFCE Edition – #linuxmint #xfce

Linux Mint 18 (Sarah) XFCE Edition. With my favorite wallpaper.

I am now running Linux Mint 18 XFCE edition. This is a lighter Linux desktop distro which means it performs faster without sacrificing style. The operating system came loaded with the things I need to be productive and to be able to do a lot of cool stuff. One great thing about Linux is that you can make it your own by customizing the look and I did just that. I am pleased with the way things look and function.  Open Source Technology like this can be a lot of fun and it doesn’t cost you anything.

I Have Settled On Linux Distribution – Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS #ubuntu #linux

A Screenshot of The Ubuntu Desktop with the Ubuntu Website

I have finally settled on Ubuntu 16.04.1 which is running really well so far on the new desktop. Ubuntu is an Open Source operating system that runs like Windows or iOS but it’s free and is largely community and developer supported. At the moment I am downloading free software so I can do things like edit photos, manage media and to create stuff for the blog and so much more.

You may ask why not just use Windows…well I have been a fan of Linux for years. I have been able to take old computers and give them new life because there is less bloatware and that sort of thing. It’s also a matter of being able to upgrade without cost. My Chromebook is based of of Linux too so it runs on the same principle.

Creating and connecting is going to be a lot of fun using this new configuration.

Rambling About Originality And My Blog

I make every effort to make my blog as original as possible using my own thoughts and words to express who I am and to chronicle and curate the things I am interested in. With that said I do “borrow” from sources when my own words aren’t as good as the original. I do give credit where credit is due though. Occasionally I will re-blog a post from a fellow blogger if it fits the overall narrative of my blog.

I get a lot of material for my blog from Wikipedia, YouTube, Google, Websites that features quotes and saying from others, etc. There are images that help tell my story that come from various sources which are copyrights of the holders and creators of their work. My blog is a non-commercial work and I have no intention of monetizing it.

I am influenced and inspired by other bloggers and the culture and attitudes of the moment. Sometimes that influence rubs off and you end up copying someone without realizing it. However there are some who just seem to take someone else’s work and make it their own, which is wrong.

Our world is a mix of open source and copyrighted works so we have to be careful to do the right thing and credit sources as a best practice.

What is your experience with originality and blogging?

As always I encourage you to be original, be yourself, make your blog unique. Keep on blogging.