Vote Americans! #2020Vote

Early voting has started around the country. Americans are going to the polls or are submitting mail-in ballots. This is an important election in so many ways. Not only the presidential race but other federal and state races are on the ballot. In some places it’s still not too late to register to vote. So, whether you vote now or on November 3rd be sure to make your voice heard.

I Support Joe Biden For President Of The United States #biden #2020


Let me first say this, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are good people. I admire them for their wanting to do good for all Americans. They are keeping important issues at the front in their campaigns. They should make their own decisions as to their own futures in the race for The White House.

Now then, I support Joe Biden for President. My reasoning is that he speaks the language of middle-class America. He is welcomed by the same folks that elected Barack Obama to two terms. He is a man of faith and courage. He is relatable in how he has struggled with loss in his life. Experience matters in the time we live in and I am weary of the worst person to ever hold public office as Commander and Chief. Joe knows what to do to make things great for every person because he is more like every day Joe’s and Jo’s and we need that.

We cannot afford to have four more years of the same stuff that has this country in trouble at home and around the world. Joe is a suitable candidate for moderates and I think he is progressive where it matters most and that is health care and civil rights. He will do a great job as president but he also has to get his choice of VP right because that will speak to his judgment in people.

This election is too important. Joe has always kept America as his priority. We can trust him. I do.