Hurricane Michael A Strong Category 4 Storm

To those in the path of Hurricane Michael take care and caution. It’s a dangerous storm and will be the strongest storm to hit the Florida panhandle but will impact the whole area. Be safe in the coming days.

Reporting In Hurricane Harms Way

I worked in television when I was in my 20’s and I understand what it takes to get the story like we are seeing from Florida. The journalists, correspondents, meteorologists and technical crews who are bringing these dramatic pictures from hurricanes like Harvey and Irma put their lives on the line to be sure people are informed and therefore safe. Sure these folks get a bad rap sometimes but when it comes to important stories like dangerous weather we should be grateful they are providing a vital public service. May every person covering this major weather event be safe.

Hurricane Irma

Screenshot from The Weather Channel app.

Hurricane Irma is on its way and will impact Florida and the southeastern states. I have friends in Florida who are riding it out and hoping for the best. I’m in Tennessee and we will get some of that weather early next week. There are other storms brewing in the Atlantic too so keeping watch is a routine thing these days. To everyone in the storms path be careful, be alert and remember that life is always the most important concern in times like this.

Hurricane Harvey Making Way To Texas In The Gulf #hurricaneharvey

Hurricane Harvey is promising to be a massive storm that’s brewing in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a powerful category 2 or 3 storm that could do lots of damage. Texas looks like it will get hit the hardest. Let’s hope for the best for those in the path of the storm.

The Latest on Hurricane Matthew #HurricaneMatthew

I have friends in Florida and family in the Carolina’s. This is going to be a tough couple of days. We haven’t had a really bad Hurricane in the US for some time. Evacuations have begun in the region. For many this is old hat but for others this is a really scary event.

Hurricane Matthew’s U.S. Impacts: What We Know Right Now | The Weather Channel

Here is the latest on what we know about Matthew in terms of U.S. impacts right now. Source: Hurricane Matthew’s U.S. Impacts: What We Know Right Now | The Weather Channel

Keep the folks who are in the path of this hurricane in your thoughts and prayers. Donate if you can to relief efforts that might be needed. It’s going to be a tough few days ahead for many people who are going to be impacted. If any of you who are in the path please be safe.

Hurricane Katrina – 10 Years Ago

Ten years ago one of the worst natural disasters took place when Hurricane Katrina came ashore in the gulf coast impacting millions of people and caused many to lose their lives. The damage was in the billions of dollars and to this day people are still recovering. Places like New Orleans were hit hardest and people of all economic levels had their lives changed forever. The cities Lower 9th Ward were the people struggle daily to make a living were impacted the most. People who lived there for decades found themselves homeless. Fortunately thousands of people were able to escape to various places where they were taken in by cities and total strangers. Many of those people relocated to other places like my hometown of Chattanooga.

Today I remember that historic event that changed our country forever. Hurricane Katrina still is on the minds of many who saw what it did and for many who survived it. May we never forget what that devastating storm did and may we be mindful it can happen again.