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What I Believe

A fellow blogger challenged me on what I believe. The person said they believed in science, physics, that sort of thing. Basically taking the whole notion of a divinity out of the picture. Friends I have no problem with incorporating the sciences in with my faith in a higher power, in my case the God of the Trinity (Father, Son/Jesus, Holy Spirit). My policy is to not attack the beliefs of others unless it might be doing serious harm to them. If someone is adhering to a faith that encourages them to care for themselves and others then its pretty good.

I am of the persuasion that every person has the right to a belief system that makes sense to them. For me it comes from a background of being in Baptist and Methodist churches.

It’s my belief that Jesus has a lot to offer people although he has gotten some really bad representation from some of his followers. He has inspired people to build orphanages, hospitals, schools and other institutions that have made our world a better place. It is in those schools that scientific and medical advances have been made. Jesus followers still call him the great physician so there’s that.

To be up front with you my interpretation of faith is that God’s story is still being written and that people should be loved no matter their gender, orientation, economic situation, social standing, etc. Friends It’s not my style to bash people over the head with the Bible. Religion/spirituality is still a very personal thing with many people.

So if you ask me what I believe….this is pretty much it.

(BTW this ended at 284 words…I guess I can write long.)

Digital Stuff, Lots Of It

It’s amazing how much digital stuff we generate over the years. Documents, pix, video, audio and more. I am discovering I should have gone through a bunch of stuff, but like a hoarder I can’t seem to get rid of anything. You see projects, letters, notes and many other things that are in various stages of completeness. A lot of stuff I have found has been with me for over 10 years. We all have things we hold on to both on our computer and then in our house. The one thing is that you need to find a place to store it all.