To The WordPress Community

I have been impressed by what I have seen here the past few days. WordPress has some great people doing some great stuff online. I do have some questions about your experiences.

1. How often do you post? I tend to post a lot when I see things that inspire me. So its not uncommon for me to post 10 or more times in a day, is that too much? Is WordPress meant for fewer, more thought out posts?

2. The writers here are different than on Tumblr. I see a lot of indepth posts about various topics. My posts aren’t very long and that comes from my prior experiences with blogging.

3. What are your overall experiences with WordPress as a place where you can be social and develop connections with other bloggers? I have made friendships with people on other platforms like Multiply and now with Tumblr, What can I expect here?

If you have any other information you would like offer please do. Your perspective and opinion is appreciated. Thank you for all those who have connected with me in my very short time here.

Hello Sunday People

The sun is rising on a new day here and I am grateful to God for another day of life here on mother Earth. I hope each of you will have an awesome day wherever you are. I could go for some coffee to help kick start the day however. Grace and peace to you all.

Everyone Loves A Underdog

How come in movies like The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies the bad guys army is so much bigger than the good guys? It seems almost cliche to me. The Orcs in this movie outnumber everyone 2 or 3 to 1 and it doesn’t seem fair. As my wife observes everyone loves a underdog. However in these movies the underdog has to fight twice as hard and there isn’t always a happy ending.

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