Daily Prompt: Heard

People with voices want to be heard. Sometimes the issue is about listening. Noise can make it hard to be heard. When people speak they have a strong desire to be understood for comprehension for respect. Protesters want their message to get across to those who they hope will receive it. To be heard is to be loved and cared about. It’s always good to let those in your life know they are heard too.

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Trowback Thursday – The Power Station – Communication #TBT

This is a super group featuring Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor and John Taylor with the late Tony Thompson and late Robert Palmer on lead vocals. “Communication” is one of my favorites from this record.

Communication changes in the technology we use, however we should always try to focus on the message and being clear and concise. It’s a say what you mean and mean what you say sort of thing. The conversations in your head need to sometime be open to those who need to hear what you are saying.

Rambling About Talking

I don’t talk as much as I used to but that is still too much, I think. Getting a word in edgewise in some conversations can be difficult though. I am one that likes to fill the space that is void of sound. Communication is important though and requires listening too. I do need to listen more. Talking can be hard when you want try to find the opportunity to share what is on your heart. Sometimes there needs less words and more actions though.

Tongue Tied

The fear of saying something is the fear of saying it wrong. You know what it is to be tongue tied and the awkwardness of making a point without being misunderstood. In your head you rehearse it and it makes sense but when it leaves your mouth you screw it all up. Words are like bullets you can’t take them back easily if at all. Communications are life and if you aren’t able to say what you mean where others can understand then its a serious problem. I struggle with this daily and sometimes it’s a matter of confidence and worry about saying something the right way without offending someone. Life can be difficult when you are trying to say what you mean to say.

How Things Sound

Some things sound better on the inside of ones head than out of ones mouth. Everyone has moments when they say something that might sound nice internally but externally can wound someone. How things sound really matters, it could cost you a relationship or more.

A Ramble About Misunderstanding

When I misunderstand please help me to understand. Its not good when misunderstandings ruin perfectly good friendships. So much drama has been caused by folks who just didn’t get what one was saying. Communication is something I struggle with.

I internalize things and at times I can take something the wrong way. God gave us two ears and one brain to listen twice as much. Perhaps if we took time to listen to people to hear what they have to say then the world could be a better place.

A Ramble About Misunderstanding

Thanks for being my blogging pals. If i say something screwy let me know. Life is too short to lose people to misunderstandings. Communication can solve a lot of issues before they become issues. Think about how many relationships have been sunk due to people saying something that was not understood in the right spirit. We all need to take a minute to listen and offer a chance for someone to clarify their words. Peace is still needed in our world and its our friendships where it can start first.