My Last Post of 2016, I Think


This has been a challenging year for many and a time of great loss for the global cultural community. Many of our icons and heroes have left us. Some of us have had personal situations that have tested us. We have seen political and national unrest. Life is about to get more interesting as we head into 2017.

No matter our situation we have comfort in holding close to the things that truly matter such as family, friendship and faith. In the coming year we have to come together to make a difference individually and collectively. Our world needs us now more than ever.

As bloggers we have an obligation to decrease the suck we see in the world. Our global outreach can make a true difference. No matter what we have a passion for we have to share it so others can be see the light.

My friends I wish you nothing but the best and as we look into the new year we will see great opportunities to do good things because the bad stuff will keep coming. Grace and peace everyone. Have a very Happy New Year.

F-You 2016, That’s All I Gotta Say #2016


This year went from awful to suck to something horrible in 365 days. I won’t miss this year. So much has happened. So much pain. So so much loss. We can’t make sense of it all. Lord have mercy over us all.

Today Is The Day – Get Out And Vote America! #election2016 #vote2016 #vote

My fellow Americans if you haven’t voted get out and do so. Get to the polls today! It’s time to make your voice heard. Every vote counts!

To find out where you vote Google has a great resource to find your polling place and other information on voting.

Hello October 2016, Wow You Are Here!


I can’t believe it’s October. This year is flying by, which it seems to do this time of year. Before you know it we will be in full-blown holiday mode from the end of the month to the end of the year. Pretty amazing if you ask me. Let’s have a great month everyone.