WordPress Site Is Live

wordpress-logo.jpgOK, I am settled on a look and feel for my WordPress site. It resembles more of a traditional website which will make it look more professional but still inviting. My blog posts are easily available from the menu at the top of the page. I am looking forward to engaging socially with the folks here to see what they are like. Of course I am not abandoning my friends on Tumblr but adding to my experience in social media. Keep on blogging good people!

I have even downloaded the Android app so I can blog on the go! So my users can see what’s going on with me in real time and in real life.

Hello Fellow Bloggers

I am conducting some testing of WordPress and I want to know what you think about its social networking qualities and if you can establish connections with fellow bloggers. Currently I blog on Tumblr but I want to see what is different and similar. Your input is welcome.

A Level Playing Field

Amazing things can happen in a community when there is a level playing field. That means that you and others can go higher and do more things together. On the job its especially important when you want to advance your cause to have everyone working together at full strength.

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