Shaping Your Future For Conversations About The Past

My parent’s recently moved into an independent living facility. They have a spacious 730 sq.ft. apartment with everything they need to live and also they take their meals in a dining room 3 times a day. Many of their needs are being met which is a relief to our family.

They are in their 70’s and a part of the Baby Boom generation. Every generation has its time in history where they shape the culture of the world. Everything from politics, religion, music, arts and more have been created by them as their legacy.

It got me to thinking that everyone ages and will find their way into some sort of care scenario whether it be a facility like my parents or in their home with a caregiver that comes by daily.

Just think about the conversations about ones personal history that will be had when one turns 70 or 80 or even 90. Who knows how long people will live as medical advances are made.

I can imagine people who were into hip hop and heavy metal in a facility talking about Jay Z to Metallica. Remember when Star Wars came out? Were you a gamer and if so how what was your favorite gaming platform. They will talk about who was better Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant or Lebron James. Can you imagine what tattoos will look like and guys rocking that earring they got when they were 16 at the mall. Remember malls. I believe Generation X will lead the way followed by Millennials and on down the timeline.

We will share stories about the wars we fought in. September 11th and how it changed our country. The presidential elections of 2000 and 2016. Where were you when your heard Michael Jackson died. Do we still want our MTV if it will be around then.

My friends every day you are getting older. Getting experienced and hopefully wiser. The key to everything is living and growing and storing up topics for conversations throughout your life. The memories can sustain you but future memories are there to be made.

I gotta believe the dining room will have taco Tuesday and gluten free this and that. Certainly.


#Millennials And #Blogging

It seems that millennials have taken to blogging to tell their stories and to share their interests. I’m wondering what you think on this trend. Either way it’s good to see people blogging again.

Daily Prompt: Youth

This is my birthday weekend and on Monday I will be 47 years old. Youth is a state of mind in as much as it’s a reality of the moment of time in which you are. Aging is inevitable, everyone grows and gets older. Youth shall be served but youth is fleeting. Being young seems to be harder in some ways and easier in others. It’s all a part of the choices you make, the people you associate with and who you want to be as you go on through life. Enjoy your youth. It’s important. Remember your youth, remember the good, shake off the bad.

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Rambling About Respecting Ones Elders

Call me old fashioned and there are a few things that I am old school about but I believe in respecting ones elders. There are a lot of people who have way more wisdom and life experience than I do so perhaps I can learn something from them. I revere my parents and grandparents however I can still be my own person. In scripture there is a verse that says honor thy father and mother and you do that by being the best you can be as they taught you. Granted you will never agree with them 100% but that is OK. You had different life experiences and your opinions and world view are different which is to be expected.

I do realize there are many who don’t have a positive relationship with their families but there are plenty of older folks in the community who can be a positive influence. Perhaps we can benefit from the experiences of those folks so we won’t make the same mistakes they made. I am 46 years old and I still don’t know it all. Believe me folks I wish I were more like my mom and dad in many ways but I am who I am and that the way God made me.

To some folks I am an elder but that sounds weird. I would rather not be an elder but a friend who has a few more years in me. Perhaps that is the way future older-younger relationships will work.

Wisdom of the ages and youth shall be served, or something like that.

Generation to Generation

There comes a time when the youth of a society must step up to make a contribution. As some generations age they aren’t able to do the same things they could when they were younger. It’s also important for previous generations to mentor the youth of the day to prepare them to take charge and do good things in the world. The contributions of all generations should be honored and appreciated. There comes a time to pass the torch from one generation to another so the work of community will continue and life will go on.