Something Older For The Blog In The New Year

The New and Improved

Announcing my new and improved blog look for 2018. I have taken the four-year-old Twenty Fourteen and have tweaked the CSS to make it look very blue which is very me. I am a big fan of white font on dark backgrounds because I think its much easier to read and it gives it a certain style.

Twenty fourteen allows me to pull in my blogging community in a very effective way too because I am looking at making my blog the central social network for me in the coming year. Not only is my blog where I express myself its also a connection hub too for you the followers.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


Like Minded People, Just Saying

I am coming to a conclusion that I need and crave the company of like-minded people. Defending ones beliefs and opinions constantly is exhausting. Sure its good to have people who challenge you but I am kind of weary of the fear some have these days. It is really hard to be a progressive in a place where some folks are holding on to the old ways in a very aggressive way. I try to be open-minded but sometimes you have to make your stand to advance the cause of the least of these, the less fortunate, the person who is marching to the beat of their own drummer, the LGBTQ person, the people who want access to life, liberty and happiness. Yes I am a liberal and I wear that title proudly. May God bless and keep us all as we each try to figure this thing called life out.

The Genuine Articles

Every blog I post, every tweet I post, every status update I put on Facebook comes from me and in the most genuine way. What you see here and there is what you get. My life, my opinions, my crazy stuff all comes from my heart and head. Now I don’t reveal everything because everyone has the right and privilege of some privacy. Connecting with like-minded people is a great thing and can make this social thing even more fun. I encourage genuine dialogue and genuine posts because it tells the story about unique people who are trying to figure out this crazy world we live in. My friends lets strive to be the genuine articles.

The More, The Merrier

keep-calm-and-read-my-blog-39When someone likes your posts and follows your blog it’s a great feeling. However, I am not all about getting as many followers as possible here at The Tony Burgess Blog. Quality is as important as quantity in my mind. A fellow blogger just mentioned she reached the 1000 follower mark and I am thinking do I want to do the same here. On Tumblr I had well over 1000 followers but it became difficult to manage that many. WordPress might be a different animal though.

Currently I am around 850 so I am not far off. Making connections and friendships in blogging is what I am most interested in doing, but can you do that with 1000 people. My brother-in-law has near 5000 friends on Facebook which I think is the cap on personal accounts but he is a person who naturally makes connections in his line of work. I guess time will tell if I reach that 1000 follower milestone. Perhaps I just should think that the more the merrier is a good thing. Hopefully it means people like you, or something like that.

Rambling About Being Social

Humans for the most part are social creatures. Perpetual isolation goes against our nature. Granted some people like to be alone but even then the need for interaction is good for them. We cannot think of ourselves as an island out there in a vast ocean. Every human being is connected in one way or another through something. No matter who you are there are times when you need a warm embrace that reminds you that you are indeed special. We all need that company that helps us get through life when tough times come. People are informed by the conversations they have with others who share their experiences. Learning from others is important to help us not make the same mistakes they have made. Everyone needs somebody, somebody to hold. Being social is being very human indeed.